Party Platters


PARTY PLATTERS 973-334-2663

PARTY 1: 8 Rolls 52 Pieces $34.95

Avocado Roll, Sweet Potato Tempura Roll, Alaskan Roll, Boston Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Salmon Roll, California Roll and Tuna Roll.

PARTY 2: 12 Rolls 88 Pieces $53.95

2 Alaskan Rolls, 2 California Rolls, 2 Spicy Tuna Rolls, 2 Spicy Salmon Rolls, 2 Tuna Rolls and 2 Salmon Rolls.

PARTY 3: 9 Mix Rolls 65 Pieces $73.95

Boston Roll, Philly Roll, Tuna Roll, Salmon Roll, French Dragon Roll, Godzilla Roll, Rainbow Roll, Main St. Roll, Spring Time Roll.

PARTY 4: Vegetarian Mix Rolls 82 Pieces $45.95

2 Vegetarian Rolls, 2 Avocado Rolls, 2 Asparagus Rolls, 2 Sweet potato Tempura Rolls, 2 Peanut Avocado Rolls, 2 Cucumber Rolls.

PARTY 5: 15 Mix Rolls 109 Pieces $125.95

Yellowtail Scallion Roll, California Roll, Salmon Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Futo Maki Roll, Shrimp Tempura Roll, Tuna Roll, Angry Dragon Roll, Godzilla Roll, Myrtle Roll, Seasons Roll, Spider Roll, Crazy Tuna Roll, Volcano and Rainbow Roll.


(Holiday Party Tray Special)
126 Myrtle Ave Boonton NJ 07005
Tel: 973-334-2663

Any six special roll from under $72, additional one special roll $12 extra, regular maki roll $5 extra, no more than two same special rolls allowed in one party, this offer can not combine with other coupons.

Godzilla roll Rainbow roll Spider roll
Angel roll Angry dragon roll Eel lover roll
Allen roll Paradise roll Seasons roll
Wasabi roll King crab crunch roll Myrtle roll
Spring time roll Crazy tuna roll Main st. Roll
Crazy Friday roll French dragon roll Hot summer roll
Triple roll Sashimi roll Passion roll
Two in one roll Volcano roll Spicy girl
Hot guy